Land without borders

Finding a way to reap the fruits of lessons learned via a structured dialogue

In this new land without borders called Corona, leaders and teams are learning ‘on-the-fly’ to stay on track. We get accustomed to the new normal. And yet, can you relate to this? Days packed with video conferences, doing our tasks, in between taking care of kids and maybe elderly too, ordering stuff online, and before you know it: It’s getting dark outside.

Yes, we seem to be doing okay as a team. And yes, there are personal challenges in the teams that we try to support. We notice that slowly but surely our meetings tend to get more and more practical. There seems to be a tendency toward our conversations becoming more and more cognitive. We become less open about what we are feeling and about what we need. With this online working, there are fewer organic conversations, and we are losing a quality that comes from being together and from closeness. And with that, we lose deeper connections that engender team development and performance. 

Translating team insights to effectiveness

What’s the impact of all of this for our teams? What do we need to get on track once the lockdown is over? What can we learn from our collaboration and our remote working, and how do we translate our insights into solutions? As a leader, you might feel the inclination to find answers on your own. That’s only natural. But imagine what it could be like if the whole team is participating in finding breakthrough ideas. Without getting into endless discussions. Does that sound like heaven? And far-fetched, as well?

Well, perhaps this might interest you: We have found a way to help dozens of teams on all levels to get connected, build trust to take a deeper dive into the challenges of cooperation. We have helped them find innovative solutions towards team development and high performance and to generate ideas that enhance our resilience, collaboration, and performance.

Involvieren Sie Ihr (remote) Team in das Lösen von Herausforderungen mit unserem Workshop Team-Dialog für Transformation and Performance.

Structured Dialogue

The question is: how do you organize online team learning? It is helpful to have an organized journey in order to travel effectively and with joy. A clear path that gives room to all the relevant voices at the table is of paramount importance. We will invite team members to voice their ideas and longings without judgement. 

This organized journey entails an invitation to step into the same boat and learn from the current of the river. The journey brings us to an exploration of how to move forward by first collecting different experiences and opinions without any discussion. This way, we get a broad overview of what’s going on in our team. The next step is to organize the answers into a comprehensive framework that shows what the team wishes, what things that we want to leave behind, what things we need in order to realize our highest hopes. And what we, as a system, want to learn in order to reap from our collective discovery and use the fruits to get to the next level of connection, development, and performance. It brings the common ground to the surface as a resource and uses team strengths to utilize collective wisdom in order to find trajectories forward and realize break-through experiences.

To start with, it’s essential to involve the team in reflecting on the experiences of working from our home offices and on remote connection and to translate those reflections into stepping-stones in order to ‘stay ahead of the game.’ Thinking about those questions is essential in order to co-create trajectories forward toward a transition from lock-down to a post-Corona world. We need to heal, learn, and transform in order to create a world in which we want to belong. For that, we need the motivation and wisdom of all.

How we can support you and your team

Through a step-by-step approach, you will learn how to discover what the hidden levers for success are and how to utilize them to enhance the development and the results of your team. You discover how to break through impeding patterns and how to build a new perspective. Realizing goals together requires the ability to build trust and to involve and guide others in their development. 

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